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Moving House?
We can help you move your broadband in

It is easy to move Fuel Broadband to your new house

Moving house is pretty stressful, but getting your Fuel Broadband services up and running to your new address is easy. Here's some commonly asked questions that we hope clear up any worries.

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FAQs about moving Fuel Broadband to your new house

  1. I want to move my home phone to a new address. What do I need to do now?

You need to tell the Fuel Broadband customer service team on 0800 036 3839. Important: Please don't tell another provider to activate the phone line at your new address. This will cause problems when we move your current service to your new address.

  2. I am moving to a new address which doesn't have a telephone line. What should I do?

Our service supplier (Openreach) will need to install a new line. Fuel Broadband will arrange this for you and you'll be charged a standard payment of £59 inc VAT.

  3. My new address has a telephone line but this has been disconnected. How do I get it connected again?

This is quite rare. However, if your new place does have a disconnected telephone line, it will need to be reconnected by our service supplier (Openreach). Fuel Broadband will arrange this for you and you will be charged a standard payment of £59 inc VAT.

  4. An engineer will be visiting my new address to reconnect a telephone line soon. Can I get them to move/add new telephone sockets at the same time?

Yes. However, you will be charged for any other extra work that you ask the engineer to do. Please let us know what additional work you want when you tell us you are moving home.

  5. I have two telephone lines at my new address, which one will I get my home phone service on?

You should simply check which line is active. You can find out by plugging a phone into each of your white telephone sockets, then seeing if you get a tone. Whichever line is active will be the one which your broadband and phone will be on.

  6. How do I update my telephone directory listing?

During the house move process you may choose either a directory or ex-directory listing. Once your line rental order has completed your listing will be updated.

  7. How long will it take to get a telephone line installed?

If the new address you are moving to has an existing telephone line, our service supplier can reconnect in a minimum of 5 working days (or on a working day of your choice after this). If the line is working or engineers are not readily available in your area the order will take a bit longer.

  8. Do I need to be at my new address on the date of my Home Phone move?

Not always. We will let you know if we need to arrange for an engineer to visit your new address.

  9. Can I keep my current telephone number?

Yes, but only if the address you are moving to is serviced by the same telephone exchange. In most circumstances moving home will mean relocating to a new telephone exchange area. Your existing telephone number cannot be kept where a change of telephone exchange is needed.

How to switch

Swapping from your current provider to us is easy! Just choose the Fuel Broadband package you like the look of and we'll help with the rest.

Help & Support

Got a question about any of your Fuel Broadband services? Chances are you'll find the answers in our handy FAQs section.

  Legal Bit

Fuel Broadband Package: Package prices are shown inclusive of VAT at 20%. A 12 month contract applies. Customers preferring to receive a paper bill are charged an additional £2.25 per month. Customers paying by means other than Direct Debit will be charged an additional £2.25 per month. Rates are shown in pence per minute, inclusive of VAT. All rates are charged per minute and are rounded to the nearest penny. For all non-inclusive calls a call set up fee of 15.5p applies. The rates shown apply from fixed line phones. Tariffs are effective from 01 September 2016 and are subject to change as specified in the Fuel Broadband Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions apply. A one-off £7.95 router postage & packaging fee applies.

Unlimited UK Landline Calls: Maximum call duration is 90 minutes per call but to keep speaking simply hang up and redial before the 90 minutes is reached to avoid our standard call rates.

Broadband Speed: We give you the fastest broadband your phone line can handle. The exact speed you get depends on the quality of your phone line and where you live. Package only available in Fuel Broadband network area. No traffic management or download limits apply for Fuel Broadband packages.

New line installation: All new line installations will carry a charge of £59. Any subsequent visits required by the engineer will be charged at the standard engineer rate of £59 per visit. If the wiring, socket and routing from the exchange to your property are not intact then an engineer may be required to visit and the reactivation of your line may be chargeable. In the event that you are not at your property to allow the engineer to gain access on the day of your agreed engineer appointment you will be charged a missed appointment fee of £59.

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