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To help you stay safe online

Stay safe on the web

The internet is such a massive part of our lives these days. This guide is to make sure you get the best from your digital lifestyle whilst avoiding the risks. Stop fraud, scams, and viruses; plus keep your family safe, with our handy tools and tips.

Internet Safety Guide

  Top Tips

How to keep your devices virus free
Keep security software current on all your computer devices. This is the best defence against viruses, malware and other online nasties that you can pick up whilst browsing the web.

It's not just computers either.
All web-enabled devices need protection from potential online risks – so that's smart phones, gaming systems and any other equipment that you use. And don't forget external devices such as USB sticks, use your security software to scan them.

How to protect personal information
Secure all your accounts and anywhere you make payment transactions online. You can often ask for extra protections e.g. Request additional verification beyond just a password.

Be cautious about revealing personal and private details or your email address when you're online. This is especially important when you're using social networking sites. Make sure you're happy with your privacy settings.

Power in passwords
Make your passwords as secure as possible:

- Use capitals, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
- Have a separate password for each account
- Write down passwords, but on a special online safety site or away from your computer. Don't store them on your hard drive.
- Set your privacy and security settings when possible to limit the information you are sharing

Connect carefully
Be careful what you click on. If in doubt about any type of link in an email, tweet or facebook post, just don't press it! It could take you to a corrupted source.

Don't make confidential transactions and payments on untrusted Wi-Fi connections.

  Protect your family online

The internet is an amazing place for your children to learn, but make sure they enjoy the internet safely by discussing the following points frankly and together as a family.

  Don't share your personal details

These include: full name, address, mobile, school's name, another family member's details and your photo.

When signing up for any type of online chat or accounts, use a nickname and an aviator that won't show your true identity.

  Remember: things might not be exactly as they seem

People might not be who they say they are online. This is rare, but you should become suspicious and talk to a parent or trusted adult if a cyber contact:

*Repeatedly ask personal questions about yourself
*Asks to talk in private
*Try and arrange to meet up

If you are worried about your children being contacted by strangers while using software such as instant messenger, you can control the settings to only allow them to talk to approved contacts.

Monitor your kids

It might not be practical or possible to always be present when your children are online, but you can review where they've been visiting in the 'history list' in your browser toolbar.

Block inappropriate content with parental controls. There are different software you can use to monitor, manage and administer what your children can and can't see every time they go on line.

Here are a few useful resources for child safety on the Internet:

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