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What our customers have to say

"I was with another provider and could hardly watch a YouTube video! I moved to Fuel Broadband and now have more usage and quicker speeds for everything, for half the price! "

Mark Duncan

"Since signing up with Fuel Broadband all I've experienced is a brilliant service. The Customer Service advisers are very helpful and friendly, and more often than not resolve the issue there and then or put me straight through to the necessary department. No waiting around with Fuel! I would certainly recommend to others."

Jeanette Clarke

"I've been with Fuel Broadband for 2 months, and I’m really pleased with the service. I’ve spoke to a couple of their customer service agents, who are extremely friendly and nice people to have spoken to, (very knowledgeable) and have resolved all of my issues straight away.
The reason I chose Fuel Broadband over the number of competitive providers out there, was down to the price. What more could you want from a provider who offers there prices. With this in mind I’ve recently just signed my dad up to this great provider and can’t wait to recommend more family and friends."

Jonathan Belcher

"I went live today and I’m very happy with the service and the fast Internet connection, thanks again. I will be recommending this service to my friends."

Ian Wallace

"Just recently I contacted Fuel Broadband Customer Service, regarding my two accounts and was put through to Michael. His diligence and patience resulted in feeling well regarded as a customer. Michael was extremely efficient and went beyond the original enquiry by giving me extra advice."

Marcus Ward

About Us

We’re called FUEL because we believe broadband is the fuel of everyday life.

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