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Questions about billing?
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Need help with your bills and payments?

This section will help you with your questions on your bills or payments. You will receive an invoice from Fuel Broadband once a month. Please note that all bills are printed double sided so please ensure you always check both sides of your bill. Your 1st invoice you may be slightly higher as you could be charged for a part month and full month dependant on your start date.

You can view your current invoice and any historical invoices complete with call itemisation by visiting MyAccount If you do not have your log in details please email

FAQs about Billing & Payments

  1. Do I get an itemised bill?

You can get all the details of your itemised calls online in MyAccount. This includes details about the type of calls made, call duration and cost. If you get paper bills please contact our customer service team to ask about call itemisation.

  2. Will I still need to pay BT a line rental fee? 

No. The price for your Fuel Broadband line rental replaces your current line provider’s rental charge. If you take out the Home Phone line rental with us then you will get a final bill from your current provider and you won’t pay them for any line rental or call charges after that bill.

  3. Can I pay by Direct Debit?

Absolutely. All new customer’s taking Fuel broadband pay by direct debit.

  4. Who will I be billed by and how?

You'll be billed by Fuel Broadband. The first bill will show calls made during the period between the activation of your service and first billing date as well as rental for that period and a month rental in advance. If the amount is below £1.00 then this is charged on your next billing date. If the amount is over £1.00 then this is charged for straight away. On the next billing date you will be charged for your subscription and calls as normal. Your direct debit payment date will be shown on the invoice so you know when we are taking the money from your bank.

  5. What happens if I fail to pay or payment could not be taken? 

You must keep your payment details up-to-date and correct. If your Direct Debit has been cancelled, you'll need to make sure that this is setup again.

If we can't take payment, we will send a letter to let you know. The letter will explain what you need to do next and how you can pay the outstanding amount.

  6. The Minimum and maximum call charge duration on chargeable calls?

Please take a look at the individual call plan in the Pricing section.

  7. Are calls rounded up?

Calls are rounded up to the nearest 1p exc VAT.

  8. Am I charged different peak and off peak rates?

Yes. Although, most call types have different rates depending on the time of day. Whenever you make a call using Fuel Broadband Home Phone, your call falls into one or more of the following call bands:

Daytime: Mon - Fri - 08:00:00am to 17:59:59pm
Evenings: Mon - Fri - 18:00:00pm to 07:59:59am
Weekends: 18:00:00pm Fri to 07:59:59am Mon

Please note: Calls may begin in one charging band and run into another charging band. If this happens, each portion of the call is charged at the applicable rate.

EXAMPLE: Customer calls his friend at 17:55:00pm and then ends the call at 18:05:10pm (a 10 minute 10 second call). Customer is charged:

5 minute - charged at Daytime rate.
5 minutes 12 seconds - charged at Evening rate.

  9. I have a query/dispute about a premium rate number service?

Firstly you should check what other pieces of equipment are connected to your telephone line (apart from their telephone handset). One or more of these may be dialling out to premium rate numbers without you knowing.
Sky/Digital TV boxes – You should check with your TV service provider what numbers these dial. Then your phone bill to see if they match.

Fax dial-up modem (not their broadband router) – You should disconnect this from your telephone line and run a virus check on your PC. A virus may be dialling out to premium rate numbers when you switch your PC on.

Security and fire alarm systems - Many of these connect to a telephone line. (This is because if a break in or fire happens an alert can be raised, as well as to ensure that the alarm is still connected to the alarm company). You should contact the alarm company and ask under what circumstances the alarm system automatically dials them.

You can find out more about who provides any premium rate number at the ICSTIS (the premium rate services regulator) website. This won't always show the company, but will let you find out the operator (e.g. BT operate '09' numbers for other companies such as ADT Fire & Security alarms).

  10. Text Relay Service?

Fuel Broadband home phone services provide access to the Text Relay service. The service connects people using a textphone with people using a standard telephone or another textphone. Text Relay allows deaf, those who are hard of hearing and speech impaired people to stay in contact with friends and family. The service can also be used to call businesses and utility companies. The good news is that the Text Relay service is provided free of charge and will not cost you any more than the normal cost of the call you are making.

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  Legal Bit

Fuel Broadband Package: Package prices are shown inclusive of VAT at 20%. A 12 month contract applies. Customers preferring to receive a paper bill are charged an additional £2.25 per month. Customers paying by means other than Direct Debit will be charged an additional £2.25 per month. Rates are shown in pence per minute, inclusive of VAT. All rates are charged per minute and are rounded to the nearest penny. For all non-inclusive calls a call set up fee of 15.5p applies. The rates shown apply from fixed line phones. Tariffs are effective from 01 September 2016 and are subject to change as specified in the Fuel Broadband Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions apply. A one-off £7.95 router postage & packaging fee applies.

Unlimited UK Landline Calls: Maximum call duration is 90 minutes per call but to keep speaking simply hang up and redial before the 90 minutes is reached to avoid our standard call rates.

Broadband Speed: We give you the fastest broadband your phone line can handle. The exact speed you get depends on the quality of your phone line and where you live. Package only available in Fuel Broadband network area. No traffic management or download limits apply for Fuel Broadband packages.

New line installation: All new line installations will carry a charge of £59. Any subsequent visits required by the engineer will be charged at the standard engineer rate of £59 per visit. If the wiring, socket and routing from the exchange to your property are not intact then an engineer may be required to visit and the reactivation of your line may be chargeable. In the event that you are not at your property to allow the engineer to gain access on the day of your agreed engineer appointment you will be charged a missed appointment fee of £59.

You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and you will be financially responsible for the Fuel Broadband services you register for within this website (including any use made by you in respect of any persons for whom you are legally responsible or by any person for whom you are legally entitled to act) and for any other person's use of this website through your IP address. You also warrant that any person using this website through your IP address will give accurate and true information when registering for a Fuel Broadband service.

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